A Year of Changes

My mom recently brought to my attention the fact that it had been a year since my last blog post — yikes!  That was certainly not intentional, and purely due to how busy the past year has been.  From babies to job changes to moves, I want to share what’s been going on behind the scenes of MDE the last 12 months!

Baby Brock: Last June we found out we were expecting!  We were so excited to share the news with our family and friends, and waiting those 8 weeks until the first ultrasound was almost unbearable.  I honestly can’t believe neither of us spilled the beans! 

We traveled back to Phoenix under the guise of a girl’s weekend I was attending and shared the exciting news with our families via Sprinkles cupcakes decorated with tiny baby bottles.  We wanted it to be a total surprise so we needed something that wouldn’t seem suspicious, and if you know me, you know arriving with a Sprinkles box in hand is a pretty much the norm.  By the time we reached the second trimester we learned we were having a baby girl (!!!), and announced the pregnancy news to our extended family and friends with a fun Instagram post and email. 

Baby Girl Letter Board Announcement
Mom To Be Mug

For all the negatives social media can bring, being able to share such special and exciting news with the world and instantly receive messages of encouragement and blessing from far and wide was truly incredible!  

Overall I had a pretty textbook pregnancy and despite the usual morning sickness, fatigue and frequent bathroom trips, I truly enjoyed being pregnant!  I also experienced very strong food preferences including a total aversion to chicken and cravings for fried eggs, baked potatoes, string cheese & Chick-Fil-A waffle fries — but only from the drive through…because I couldn’t handle the smell of frying chicken!   

Megan Brock Desert Maternity Photos by Lauren J Photography_0002.jpg
Megan Brock Desert Maternity Photos by Lauren J Photography_0003.jpg
Megan Brock Desert Maternity Photos by Lauren J Photography_0006.jpg

Lila Dileen Brock was born at 10:22am on her due date, February 26, 2018, measuring 7 pounds and 20.5 inches long!  I started having contractions the Friday before she was born, and was ultimately in labor for about 62 hours which included two trips to the hospital, lots of walking & very little sleep.  Back labor is no joke!  Lila is the absolute light of our lives, and every minute with her has been pure joy! 

Lila Brock Newborn Photos by Lauren J Photography_0003.jpg
Lila Brock Newborn Photos by Lauren J Photography_0006.jpg

Job Change: Just 3 days before we were scheduled to travel to Phoenix to share the pregnancy announcement with our families, Garett received a call about a job he had applied to months earlier.  One that we’d honestly forgotten about!  This is also when we started to see God’s fingerprints appearing in sharp focus.  The hiring manager wanted to know how soon he could interview!  With our travel plans already in place, Garett jumped at the chance to interview that Friday.  We didn’t want to get our hopes up too high should this not work out (we’d been there before), but two weeks later he accepted a job offer with a start date in mid-September!

If you’re doing the math, I was just into my second trimester when Garett needed to relocate.   With work to wrap up in California and an apartment to pack up, we decided I would stay in Huntington Beach and move just before Christmas.  Besides the loose ends that needed tying up, we needed to find a place to live…quickly! 

The Brock Abode

The Brock Abode: We started house hunting as soon as we knew we’d be moving back to Phoenix.  There’s nothing quite like a due date to really put the pressure on!  After the house at the top of our list sold above list price to an all cash buyer before it even went on the market, we felt like we’d officially been baptized into the world of home buying.  Luckily we’re pretty decisive and ultimately purchased a 1950s ranch house with a great pie shaped lot at the end of a cul-de-sac.  It also came with half a fence, a partially buried koi pond, an array of dead trees and cacti, and all the original kitchen appliances.  It definitely qualifies as a fixer upper, and we plan to renovate just about every inch.  I’ll be sharing updates on our progress once we tackle some of the more exciting projects — roofs & water heaters don’t make for the best blogging topics!

So where does all of this leave Megan Dileen Events?  Right where I always intended it to be!  When I was first dreaming of MDE, I wanted to do what I love — design beautiful weddings for couples through a celebratory planning experience, and I wanted to do it from my home state of Arizona.  But most importantly I wanted to build a business that worked for my life over a life that worked for by business.  The path to this point was longer than I expected, and while I may not have seen it at the time, God’s plan was perfect. 

Special thanks to Lauren J Photography for our beautiful maternity & newborn photos!