Why To Hire A Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, I've heard just about every excuse in the book for NOT hiring a wedding planner.  Many brides meet with me to appease their mom/sister/friend/co-worker who insists they absolutely must must MUST hire a wedding planner.  But "I'm just not one of those brides" they quickly explain.  Usually followed by "I'm really looking forward to taking on the wedding as a fun project"... "I know exactly what I want, so I don't really need any help"... "I was the social chair for my sorority, so I have a lot of experience with events"... "I love being creative, and I want everything for the wedding to be super personal"... "we're on a pretty tight budget, and I don't think we can afford a wedding planner".  Trust me, I get it.  Spending some of those precious budget dollars to bring in a total stranger during such a special, personal experience when you already know what you want sounds crazy!!  I. GET. IT.  But here's the thing, for every time I've heard a reason to not hire a planner, I've heard TWICE as many "What would we have done without you?!  Hiring a planner was the best decision we made!"  While I could give you a hundred and one reasons to hire a planner, I'll stick with just my top three for today.


Newly engaged couples often don't realize just how much time and energy goes into planning a wedding.  Last week I dove into the far reaches of my Inbox to find the song list from a band I considered when planning my wedding.  That one 'Band' folder alone housed 74 emails!  That's 74 emails for just one vendor category.  From initial inquiries and scheduling interviews with potential vendors to finalizing contracts, timelines and logistics with the selected vendor, time spent communicating quickly adds up.  If each of those 74 emails took just 5 minutes, that's over 6 HOURS of emails!  Now add in phone calls and in person meetings and multiply times 15 vendors!


No matter how small or large the wedding, setting a budget and sticking to it is key to a successful planning process.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  While easy in theory, budgeting is one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning!  What do flowers cost?  How much of your budget should you spend on a venue?  A professional wedding planner is familiar with pricing in your area, can advise on cost saving measures and steer you away from budget pit falls.  


Weddings are large, complex events with many moving parts, and while most brides have dreamed about their wedding day, dealing with the logistics isn't part of that vision.  And they shouldn't be!  A wedding planner not only lays the groundwork for a smooth wedding day, they're there to handle any unforeseen issues that may arise. Rather than worrying if the caterer has arrive or if the linens are on the correct tables, be 100% present and focused on one another.  Your wedding day is all about celebrating the beginning of your new life together, and the memories of that day are priceless.