If you're like most bride's you're probably working with a wedding budget, and no matter the size of that budget, I'm betting you want the most for your money!  It's easy to see a budget as limits being placed on your wedding dreams, but utilizing those funds strategically is the key to achieving a beautiful wedding vision without breaking the bank.


1. The Flower Factor

For a bride who’s working with a strict budget, I usually recommend focusing design funds on the flower budget.  Fresh flowers add a level of sophistication and luxury more than any other design element, and just to enjoy a meal at a table set with a beautiful arrangement of flowers is an elevated experience in itself.  Think of flowers as the most visual bang for your buck!

I love elaborate linens, letterpresses dinner menus & calligraphed place cards just as much as the next designer, but when you’re working with a budget, it’s best to rely on simple, affordable basics like neutral floor length linens and classic china & glassware with flowers as the focal point.  With a clean, uncluttered table the flowers become an even more impactful visual statement!


A few of my go to's:

  • Lucca in Off White from Classic Party Rentals or White Coupe for a more traditional look.

2. More Than Just A Wedding Venue

Just like a classic little black dress, beautiful elements that can serve double duty are your wedding budget’s best friend.  This strategy is especially key when shopping for a wedding venue.  You obviously need a place to host your ceremony and reception, and many bride’s think of it as just that - a convenient location, a space that can accommodate the guest count. While both of those are important factors, there are so many more aspects to consider when searching for a budget friendly wedding venue!

Your venue is the backdrop for your big day, and it’s also the largest, most tangible (but often overlooked!) design element.  A unique and visually stunning setting provides a sense of ambiance that simply can’t be replicated.  A scenic mountain vista, romantic garden or dramatic industrial space full of character may carry a higher price tag, but it can all but eliminate the need for additional decor.  


3. Think Outside The Box

Don’t be boxed in by traditions or what’s considered “normal” - sticking to a budget is enough of a constraint for any bride!  Do your grandparents or family friends have a beautiful backyard? Ask about hosting your wedding at their house to save on renting a wedding venue.  Stylish restaurants are another great option when aiming to stretch your dollar.  

Opt for a morning ceremony followed by brunch or a cocktail reception with heavy horderves rather than a formal (and more costly) dinner service.  Opening up to creative or non-traditional options can be the key to go from stressing and feeling constrained by a stretched budget to seeing the opportunities for infusing fun and personal touches into your celebration!