The title of this post may have given it away, but I'm beyond excited to announce my big news - I'm engaged!!!  I can't adequately describe how happy I am to be marrying my best friend, but I think this picture says it all.  

Megan Garett Engaged

Many of you will recognize the  beautiful backdrop as Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, a place that will always be magical to me.  Garett and I were first introduced by a mutual friend while visiting Las Vegas for the weekend.  Fast forward 48 hours, and we could be found on a couch at the Chandelier Bar where we'd been for the past 5 hours or so.  Our 'first date' came to a close as dawn approached, and with it came the 1,400 miles that would separate us for the next year.  

Needless to say, Chandelier Bar was high on my list as we planned our first return trip to Vegas, but little did I know what Garett had up his sleeve.  With just over a year until our wedding, I'll be chronicling my planning adventures with a new perspective - the bride's!  Check back often for updates, escapades and advice!


Megan Brock

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