Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a friend's absolutely beautiful wedding at El Chorro, a long time Valley institution tucked into the base of Camelback Mountain and known for serving delicious food in a drop dead gorgeous desert setting.  And yes, we'll be adding Professional Wedding Guest to our resumes after this year!  It could not have been a more perfect day.  From the lovely October weather, to the bride and groom's heartfelt vows, to the stop you in your tracks stunning Arizona sunset — perfection!  But little did we know there was one not so little surprise in store.  Most brides do NOT want any surprises on their wedding day, but it's a totally different story when the surprise is a) adorable and b) toting Coronas!  Have you guessed the surprise yet?  A beer burro!!  You read that right — a beer burro, a sweet donkey greeting guests, posing for photos, munching on carrots and passing out bottles along the way.  Miija the burro and her owner Vanessa of Haul N Ass Productions were the hit of the party!  Not to mention, they definitely win the award for best business name.  I can't wait to have Miija and Vanessa join my next event!

Phoenix Beer Burro
Arizona Wedding Beer Burro