I love LOVE October!  It's been my hands down favorite time of year since I could read the dates on a calendar.  There was always so much to look forward to - my birthday, my mom and brother's birthdays, fall break, the weather finally shifting to cooler temps, and my favorite holiday, Halloween!  As a little kid I would brainstorm and plot costume ideas ALL summer long in antcipation of the spooky night.  While I still love Halloween, prepping for trick-or-treaters has been falling to the bottom of my to do list lately.  No pumpkins to be found on our doorstep!  Not a single Snickers in the bowl!  Anyone else find Halloween sneaking up on them?  If you have yet to touch a pumpkin or dig out the box of Halloween decorations, I have just the thing to perk up your gloomy doorstep - DIY No Carve Pumpkins.  Your read that right, gorgeous pumpkins with no carving needed!  So flip on the porch light and fill up that candy bowl! 

Confetti No Carve DIY Pumpkins

Colorful Confetti Pumpkins by Cloudy Day Gray

Gold Confetti Pumpkins by Homey Oh My!

Painted No Carve DIY Pumpkins

Brushstroke Pumpkins by The Merrythought

Painted Pun-kins by Studio DIY

Sequin & Glitter No Carve DIY Pumpkins

Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins by Sugar & Cloth

Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin by unOriginal Mom

Dipped No Carve DIY Pumpkins

Balloon Dipped Pumpkins by Paper & Stitch

Paint Dipped Pumpkins by Parents Magazine